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Magnesium sulfate, often referred to as Epsom Salt despite not actually containing sodium chloride like table salt does, gained its less-than-scientific name from Epsom village in Surrey where people would visit to take bathe in its bitter saline spring waters which were thought to possess medicinal properties.

Epsom salt can provide more health benefits than just relieving constipation. It can exfoliate skin in both bath and shower water, soften facial cleanser to dislodge blackheads more easily, and even soften and soften surgical dressings to soothe inflammations in joints and muscles.

To exfoliate, mix a tablespoon of Epsom salt with bath or olive oil and massage into wet skin before rinsing off. It can also be used as a face mask to help treat acne or breakouts; alternatively you could combine 1 teaspoon with some drops of iodine in hot water and apply directly onto skin as a facial cleanser.