Secret Behind Feet in Virtual Reality

A person with a good sense of humor can be a wonderful choice for you to date. If you’re a fan of sexy conversation, or someone who talks with their hands, you might want to meet them. You might possibly be drawn to someone with a hefty pair of calf muscles. Alternatively, you may be a fan of someone with adorable toes. Those blessed with an arch that extends to the heavens. Someone armed with an abductor hallucis with increased strength (if you know, you know). All this is normal and acceptable since we are all different and have different preferences as far as sex and intimacy is concerned.

Watching Feet in Virtual Reality videos can be the easiest way of understanding the mystery behind foot fetish and what it is all about.

Why People Love Foot Fetish

A love for feet is perfectly healthy and normal, even if it still has a bit of an image problem. “Foot fetishes can be viewed from many different perspectives. Everybody has a somewhat different perspective, but in general the olfactory experience of a person’s feet is the focus.” Experts believe that fetishes are learnt behaviors. When you’re in a new relationship, it’s normal for your partner to start touching your genitals with their foot, even if you’ve never done it before. Watching Feet in Virtual Reality videos can also be a force behind enjoying this behavior.

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“Let’s also pretend that you found it quite pleasurable and experienced an incredible orgasm. To avoid becoming addicted to foot fetish behavior, it is important to understand how positive reinforcement can develop to a compulsion to repeat an event. There is some evidence to suggest that foot fetishes can arise because the area of the brain that processes genital arousal is right next door to the part of the brain that processes the sensations people get from their feet, says Vilayanur Ramachandran, another researcher.


According to another expert, foot fetish stemmed from our childhood memories (classic Freudian gear). As a result, it’s entirely up to you what you want to do. if you have any questions, Feet in Virtual Reality videos have all the answers for you!