Things you must know about flirting

When we are talking about a person who catches our attention, it is normal for us to include flirting as one of our ways of trying to win that person’s heart. But still, some people don’t have the ability to do it naturally. So if you want to learn about flirting, we leave you with this article that will guide you through the first steps.

Never judge a book by its cover

It is essential to talk more than once with a person to be able to determine what type of personality they have, and it is important that in the learning process we do not judge the other person. When you are interested in an escort based on their appearance, be patient and listen to what they have to say so that you can form an idea of what a normal conversation with that person would be like. 

If you start the conversation thinking that you only like the person physically, you may be surprised to hear that. But people will always have different opinions and ways of expressing themselves, so give them a chance to develop and then determine whether you really like them or not.

Don’t use your energy to be self-conscious.

Put good energy when you are talking to the person you are interested in, and you will see how she notices that you are not uncomfortable. Remember that people like to see that they get special treatment, so feeling relaxed around her may make her feel confident and a little more relieved of the pressure to fit in on the first few dates.

Be as present as possible

Be constantly there, don’t let your mind wander to the future. You don’t know what might happen on the date, so just focus on what’s happening so you can deliver a good experience and make your future successful, as your actions today will pay off tomorrow.

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Eye contact is very important

The more eye contact you make with a person, the more likely you are to have attraction. So you can focus on this so you can make a better connection with that person who is catching your eye.

Just don’t take it to extremes, occasional eye contact is nice, but if you keep it up too much you may not convey the feelings you want her to see and she may end up thinking you’re a weirdo. 

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not

This is one of the first mistakes someone makes when they want a person to notice them. There is nothing sadder than a fake personality that in the long run will not serve you well since you can’t keep it up forever. 

Remember that you have a lot of potential and if you can’t be you in a relationship, you won’t be able to keep it in the long run and you will both end up very disappointed. It’s normal that not everyone likes you, but that’s what’s important: To get someone who, in spite of everything, feels comfortable with you without the need to change anything about your personality.